Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stainless rack came in from the laser cutter...

Looks good:

Wolfman drybag kind of set up on the rack ready to roll.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Adding a little more luggage

I used my Buell tankbag from my 1999 Buell cyclone, the bag works great and is very large. Not ideal for the NTX's large tank with the filler at the top. A bad photo of the bag is here:

The Buell bag is normally mounted, but I need some kind of a bag to carry small items. Wolfman came through with the peak tail bag. Perfect fit for the small factory rack.

Travel with the small tail bag won't work for the large dry bag used for long trips. I spent a little time with a sheet of paper and some drafting tools.

CAD spent a few minutes with my drawing and off it went to the laser cutter...12ga stainless on order.

Replace power ports

The NTX comes with ciggy type power ports at the dash and under the rear seat. These are switched on and off with the key...not ideal, but it'll work. Two Powerlet brand outlets are to be used, but some washers needed to be fabricated as the Powerlet is slightly smaller in diameter. 

The NTX wire harness plugs directly into the powerlet socket. The dash was easy to remove which made working on the socket very easy. End results are great.

Powerlet sockets are much better to use on a bike as they cannot shake loose while underway. I already have plenty of powerlet style plugs already made up for all my bikes.

Time to start the mods...GPS install

Starting with a basic mount from Enduro Engineering with large cross bar. This cross bar can be had from Touratech USA for about $35. The mount shown below is in a test position...the final mount location is in the bottom set of holes.

I needed to make a bracket for the ipod remote and the XM radio antenna. These were done up in a flat black powder coat.

Using a Touratech Garmin Zumo 550 mount taken from my departed FJR1300 will be re-used on the Stelvio. The XM radio will be modified from this mount slightly to better move from the KTM to the Stelvio. The cross bar had to be cut down about 1/2" on each end.

Final mount of GPS and XM radio antenna. This set up works great with a clear view of instruments and easy access to the ipod remote.

Back view of the GPS mount. This setup works great.

Delivery day...7/20/2012

I ordered the bike about 4 weeks prior. Dealer called on the Friday of Muskegon Bike Time....perfect venue to break out a new Italian motorcycle.

I still play with the boxes my toys come in:
As delivered from the crate:

Temp plate and all:

Now it's time to rack up 1000 miles, get the first service, then go on a nice long trip out east.