Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Time to start the mods...GPS install

Starting with a basic mount from Enduro Engineering with large cross bar. This cross bar can be had from Touratech USA for about $35. The mount shown below is in a test position...the final mount location is in the bottom set of holes.

I needed to make a bracket for the ipod remote and the XM radio antenna. These were done up in a flat black powder coat.

Using a Touratech Garmin Zumo 550 mount taken from my departed FJR1300 will be re-used on the Stelvio. The XM radio will be modified from this mount slightly to better move from the KTM to the Stelvio. The cross bar had to be cut down about 1/2" on each end.

Final mount of GPS and XM radio antenna. This set up works great with a clear view of instruments and easy access to the ipod remote.

Back view of the GPS mount. This setup works great.

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